Thursday, November 13, 2014

24 Hours in the Life of a 2 1/2 Year Old...AKA "Why the Toddler is Crying"

I have a two and a half year old now!  It's hard to believe.  I never thought that my sweet, adorable cuddly little bundle of joy would turn into a fire-breathing monster precocious youngster. The only thing that balances it out is how cute he is:

His latest means of expressing himself has been to throw screaming tantrums.  These happen multiple times a day.  He cries and refuses to cooperate.  Sometimes he kicks and flails.  Other times he will throw himself onto the floor and scream into it.  I am sure our downstairs neighbors just LOVE this.

So, to get to the root of the problem, I made a list of the reasons why he was crying for 24 hours.  Here is the list:

  1. I changed his poopy diaper.  God forbid he smell fresh.  It might ruin his image.
  2. His sister is playing with a plastic toy cat and he wants it.  NOW.  We have approximately 75,319,004 toys in the house but at this moment this is the only toy that exists to him.
  3. "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" is only playing on two of the three televisions in the house.  Oh the horror.
  4. I put dinosaur pajama pants on him.  He wanted his baseball pants.  
  5. He doesn't like the Duggars.  "19 Kids and Counting"?  Not in THIS house!  Who would want to watch anything besides Mickey and Jake?
  6. He can't play with his older sister's paper dolls.  Dude, they are "Frozen" and thus irreplaceable.  No, you can't rip Anna's head off or eat Elsa's signature sparkly blue gown.  It will destroy your sister's universe. 
  7. He wanted the pink princess goldfish crackers his sister was eating.  Hey kid, maybe if you wouldn't go straight to crying when you want something and just ASK for them, you would totally get them.  
  8. I made him sit in a cart at the store.  
  9. He hates "NCIS New Orleans."  Don't we all?  Except my husband, who I am convinced only likes it because he was like the world's biggest Quantum Leap fan as a kid, and you know - Scott Bakula is in it. 
 Are we noticing a trend here?  Most of the tantrums involve NOT watching Disney Junior and/or not getting what he wants.

This is what Mr. Two-Year-Old would say:

"Okay, so we will just give baby boy whatever he wants and we shall only watch Disney Junior forever!"

I don't think so, kid.  

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