About Me


My name is Mandy, and I am the proud mommy of a five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son!  I run a moms' group in northeast Florida, and before that led one in west central Florida.  I homeschool and stay at home with my kiddos. 

I started Misadventures of a Florida Mom because I understand the struggles, large and small, that we as moms face everyday.  My goal is to bring some humor to the situation and to be 100 percent real with you.  This blog will share stories, reviews, playdate ideas, deals, craft ideas, recipes and more!  My desire is to share my life with readers, and hopefully help you out along the way.

Over the past six years, my life has changed quite dramatically. We have faced unemployment, disability, multiple moves, job changes and becoming parents. We went from having everything to losing it all. We have come back from it, only to have one bad decision leave everything up in the air once again.  It has been a hard road to travel, but I feel that we will emerge better people for it.

Join me on my journey!